Church of San Bartolomé

In the San Bartolomé region, in the centre of Lanzarote

The Church of San Bartolomé (Church  of Saint Bartholomew) is in the San Bartolomé region, in the centre of Lanzarote. It stands over the Plaza León y Castillo, also known as the Plaza de San Bartolomé, the nerve centre of the city, just next to other important buildings like the Municipal Theatre and the Town Hall.

A short history

It was built in the late 18th Century and was inaugurated in 1796 as a response to the small size of the town’s former church. The construction was led by the Cayetano brothers and Francisco Guerra Clavijo y Perdomo.

It was recently declared a site of cultural heritage.

Architecture and Art

In terms of the architecture, the first highlight is the bell tower, built in black masonry except for the dome, which is white. The other highlight is the main church door, which is wooden and outlined by black stonework.

Inside, the Church has a Latin cross plan with a main nave, two side chapels, a main altar and a sacristy. The church roof is panelled in wood, with a gable roof in the main nave and a hipped roof in the side chapels.

And on a religious and artistic level, the church has altarpieces, among which the Main Altar dedicated to Saint Bartholomew stands out, as do those dedicated to Jesus Christ. It also holds various sculptures and paintings inspired by Christianity.

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Plaza León y Castillo, 35559 San Bartolomé
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