Jameos del Agua

In the north of Lanzarote, inside one of the largest volcanic tunnels in the world

Jameos del Agua are in the north of Lanzarote, inside one of the largest volcanic tunnels in the world, which originated as a result of the eruptions of the La Corona Volcano.

Los Jameos are in the part of the tunnel closest to the coast and under sea level, meaning water has filtered through creating peculiar natural lakes inside. The indigenous word jameo refers to a large opening in a lava tube. Jameos del Agua consist of three openings – Jameo Chico, Jameo Grande and Jameo Redondo.

Lanzarote’s entrails

The first thing we encounter when we enter is a curious staircase made from volcanic rock and in a snail-shell shape. As we descend, we come across a large amount of vegetation and ornamental elements that are typical of the area. In this part, there is also a Bar-Cafeteria and a Restaurant.

We will also find the majestic natural lake that gives its name and personality to Jameos. Some say the area bears resemblance to a cathedral, due to its expanse and spectacular translucent dome. The dome projects a beam of natural light which sinks into the crystal-clear waters of the lake.

Thanks to the presence of water, this unique underground habitat is home to several endemic species. The highlight is an albino crab that is unique in the world and has become symbolic of the caves.

In keeping with the natural environment, there is a walkway that allows us to cross the lake, which in turn is shadowed by a century-old palm tree. We now arrive at Jameo Grande, which breaks with the previous style to form a large garden in which flora is produced around a lovely white pool that contrasts with the black of the volcanic rock, giving us the impression of an authentic oasis.

Leaving the Jameo Grande area, we discover an auditorium that blends with the volcanic rock, serving as a clear example of the fusion between art and nature that is emblematic of César Manrique, the key proponent of adapting the volcanic tunnel for tourism.

Near to Los Jameos

Jameos del Agua are in the same volcanic tunnel as Cueva de los Verdes, so the visit to Jameos is not complete without also going there.

It is in the north of Lanzarote, in Haria, a region full of natural wonders. From visiting the towns in the area, like Arrieta or Punta Mujeres, to heading to the untouched beaches on the north of the island, like Caletón Blanco o Caleta del Blanco, which are rarely busy and will make you fall in love with their beauty. In the north of the island there is also the Mirador del Río viewpoint, which has the best possible views towards La Graciosa Island.

Prices and Opening times

  • Opening times: 10am – 6pm
  • Evening opening: Friday 7pm – Midnight

Adult: €10 | Children: €5 (7 – 12-years old)

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