Papagayo Beaches

One of the most amazing beach resorts in the Canary Islands

Papagayo Beaches (Playas del Papagayo) are the most famous beaches in Lanzarote and one of the most amazing beach resorts in the Canary Islands.

What makes remarkable Papagayo Beaches is their purity: seven kilometres of untouched golden sand beaches, situated between Playa Blanca and Punta del Papagayo, protected from trade winds and bathed by waters that are as calm as they are crystal-clear. When you consider Lanzarote’s climate, which guarantees over 300 sunny days a year with spring-like temperatures throughout, you will be able to enjoy the Papagayo Beaches practically any day you like.

This set of beaches is set in an idyllic surround within the protected natural area of Los Ajaches. An area covering over 3,000 hectares with enormous geological and geomorphological importance.

Papagayo Beach

Playa del PapagayoThe beach that the set is named after, and the most popular of the lot. Whether for enjoying the sea or simply to take a photo of it, Papagayo Beach (Playa del Papagayo) is what attracts the most people. It’s not very big, with very calm waters, a horseshoe shape and golden sand [read more].

Playa Mujeres

Playa MujeresThe second most popular beach in the area. Enormous carpet of sand that extends the whole way to Los Ajaches. Open to the sea. Usually relatively busy [read more].

La Cera Beach

Playa de La CeraLa Cera is a mid-sized beach, surrounded by dunes which protect it from the wind. It usually has between calm and moderate waves [read more].

El Pozo Beach

El Pozo, PapagayoOne of the largest and most spectacular beaches in the area, with golden sand and crystal-clear water [read more].

Caleta del Congrio

Calera del CongrioThe largest of the group. It has the unique quality of being the only one where nudism is allowed, although it is still a mixed beach. While most of the beach is covered in golden sand, there are some rocks which make it tricky to get into the sea [read more].

Caletón del Cobre

Caletón del CobreThe Caletón del Cobre is a small cove between El Pozo and Playa Mujeres [read more].

Caletón de San Marcial

Caletón de San MarcialThe smallest of the group. At high tide, it practically disappears, but at low tide, it’s an ideal place for a dose of peace and quiet [read more].

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