Salinas de Janubio

The largest salt flats in all the Canary Islands

Salinas de Junubio are in the south-west of Lanzarote and were created in the late-19th Century to produce enough salt to meet the needs of the whole island. At its peak, it produced around 10,000 tons each year and exported a large proportion of its production.

Production has declined nowadays, and although it is still operational, most of its activity is focused on tourism. Even so, they remain the largest salt flats in all the Canary Islands and have been declared a protected natural space.

Previously, on the land that the Salinas de Janubio are now found, there was a large lake that shrunk as a result of volcanic activity until it shaped the area that the salt flats now occupy. There is a viewpoint nearby and can be easily reached by car.

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