Yaiza is the furthest south municipality in Lanzarote. With reddish colours peppered with dozens of small towns with green-detailed white houses, the highlight is Playa Blanca, which is one of the island’s most popular destinations. The municipality is the best example of why Lanzarote is known as the Island of Volcanoes, as here it is where you can find many of its volcanological curiosities and its most popular natural wonders, like Timanfaya and Charco de los Clicos. What’s more, Yaiza is unique in that it was the setting of the beginning of a new era for the Canary Islands, as it was where the first European settlement was established. Yaiza contains the towns of Playa Blanca, Uga, Las Breñas, Femés, La Hoya, Las Casitas, El Golfo, La Degoyada, Playa Quemada y Maciot.