10 Great Things To Do in Lanzarote for Families

Lanzarote is ideal to visit with children, with many great things to do in Lanzarote for families– quiet, friendly, and with hundreds of activities for little ones.

The island’s most popular destinations, which are also those with the best leisure offering for children and families include Costa Teguise, on the east coast; Puerto del Carmen, in the southeast; and Playa Blanca, in the south.

Here are some 10 Great Ideas for Family Travel With Kids to Lanzarote:

1. Aquapark Costa Teguise

In the popular town of Costa Teguise, you’ll find this great water park, which is ideal for families.

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2. Discover the active volcanoes in Timanfaya

A fun and cultural activity in one of Spain’s most visited national parks. Timanfaya has dozens of active volcanoes and discovering them on site is highly recommended. What’s more, you can also take a camel ride through a small portion of the park.

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3. Rancho Texas Park

Rancho Texas Park LanzaroteA wildlife sanctuary that is home to dozens of animal species and organises lots of activities for families and children.

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4. Hop over to La Graciosa island

Familia en bicicleta en La GraciosaLa Graciosa is a small island to the north of Lanzarote. You can make the most of your stay in Lanzarote to visit it. It has some of the best beaches in the archipelago, and the journey to the island is an adventure in itself.

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5. Submerge yourself on board a submarine

This submarine dives down into Lanzarote’s waters for an hour and allows you to explore the island’s depths in a safe and fun way.

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6. A quick dip on Playa del Papagay

Playa del PapagayoOn the Costa del Papagayo, in the far south of Lanzarote, there is a series of unspoilt beaches and coves. The most popular is the Papagayo Beach (Playa del Papagayo), with hardly any waves and a family feel.

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7. Navigate along the Costa de Papagayo

Travel by boat to the great Papagayo Beaches, try snorkelling and other activities designed to enjoy as a family.

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8. Museum of Piracy

For centuries, Lanzarote had to suffer invasions and attacks from pirates that caused a lot of damage on the island. The Museum of Piracy brings us closer to that era with all kinds of details. It is in the Santa Barbara Castle(Castillo de Santa Barbara).

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How to get around

Unsurprisingly, not all points of interest are in the same place, so if you’re travelling with your family the easiest option to move around the island is to rent a car. Bear in mind that Lanzarote is a small island, and the journey between the two most distant points won’t take longer than an hour, so the drives won’t be too long nor arduous.

You also have the option to travel by bus, but it won’t be anywhere near as comformable as having your own car. Travelling by taxi is only recommended for occasional journeys.

The best beaches to visit for Families

Playa DoradaThe following is a small selection of beaches for families or anyone travelling with children to Lanzarote. They are chosen on the basis of their water quality, their location, their ease of access, and their safety. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of Lanzarote’s beaches are suitable to visit with your family.

Discovering Lanzarote

There’s nothing better than discovering the Lanzarote’s natural wonders as a family, like Timanfaya, Jameos del Agua or Cueva de los Verdes, activities that both adult and children will enjoy.

For the little ones, Costa Teguise is home to one of the best waterparks in Lanzarote, ‘Aquapark Costa Teguise’, as well as calm golden beaches where they’ll be sure to have a good time. Not to forget the fantastic Aquarium that you’ll find in the area, and of course, with Costa Teguise being a popular tourist area, you’ll find infinite fun activities for children both in hotels and throughout the town.

Moving on to Puerto del Carmen, in the southeast of the island, we’ll come across Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park. A wildlife sanctuary that is home to dozens of animal species and organises lots of activities for families and children. It has an incredible temperature-controlled pool complex shallow enough for both children and even infants and has attractions that will mean they never want to leave the water.

Of course, there is many more fun activities than this. There is plenty going on in the hotels in Puerto del Carmen, as well as hundreds of activities throughout the town.

Swapping the north for the south and we’re met with Kikoland, an enormous kids park in the Hotel Princesa Yaiza, in Playa Blanca. The park is designed to entertain children all the way up to 16 years old, with areas designed for different age groups. It has sports fields, pools, lots of attractions, and staff to keep the little ones safe.

A unique experience that surely neither children nor adults will forget, is diving down into Lanzarote’s waters on board a submarine. The experience taks around an hour and the submarine dives down to about 25-30 metres deep. You can find it in Puerto Calero, in the east of Yaiza in the south of the island.