5 Incredible Places to Visit in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island of incomparable landscapes, with its volcanic character apparent in every corner. These are some of the most incredible places to see in Lanzarote:

1. Timanfaya – Montañas del Fuego

TimanfayaTimanfaya is the most recognisable sight in Lanzarote and serves as a perfect example of the island’s volcanic character. The Montañas del Fuego cover 50km² in the southeast of Lanzarote and consist of an arid and inhospitable landscape that reminds lots of people of the surface of Mars [read more].

2. La Geria

La GeriaLa Geria is one of the most characteristic landscapes in Lanzarote and is where the volcanic eruptions have covered the earth with a layer of volcanic ash, which the island’s farmers have been able to use to cultivate vines and produce some globally unique wines [read more].

3. Caletones de Orzola

Caletón del BlancoNear the village of Orzola, in the north of the island, you’ll find some small but spectacular white sand beaches. They contrast with the black of the volcanic rock that dominates the landscape. They are known as the Caletones de Orzola and make for a unique sight on the island [read more].

4. Chinijo Archipelago

Mirador del RíoThe Chinijo Archipelago is a set of small islands located to the north of Lanzarote, of which La Graciosa is the main island. From Lanzarote, you can see the archipelago from above, most often from the Mirador del Rio viewpoint, but you can also get these views from various nearby mountains [read more].

5. Jameos del Agua

Jameos del AguaThe Jameos del Agua is another incredible place to visit in Lanzarote. It is inside a volcanic tunnel in the north of Lanzarote and makes for one of the most unique sights on the island [read more].

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